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Property Auction

A Property Auction can be a great avenue to explore when looking for your next property. Although to the novice investor, property auctions can seem daunting however with a little bit of research, a property auction could be a very smart way to purchase a property.


The key to purchase a property from an auction is planning. Ensure you have viewed the property, read the contract and most importantly have finance arranged before you even start to think about biding.


We have written a comprehensive guide on buying a property at an auction, so, for a more compelling read please see our Auction Guides is in the process of signing up all of the Auction Houses in the UK to make searching for a property at auction a bit easier. The days of visiting each and every property auction website and trawling through lists are over. offers a simple and easy way to search for auction property, be it residential or commercial.


You can also search through past property auctions and unsold lots from all of the auction houses leaving you with a depth of data at your fingertips. Our aim is to be the one stop location for information on property auctions.